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cheap louis vuitton outlet Originally a daughter of Napoleon I, is the Swedish royal family. 1920 works about 1915 Westminster Kokoshnik Tiara; about 1911. The blue color of the substrate is an enamel. This is also a Russian-style crown, when the very popular. Bow Knot Tiara, About 1900. Pink is topaz. Victoria Eugenia Queen of the crown This two-pointed or traditional hair when the band with a good-looking Daifa now ... a 50-year supermodel Anna Gunning Parker. This crown does not belong To the royal family, belonging to the brand. This is not very good to see it! Natural theme is still the United States of good play about 1908, there are 12 carnations one of the most favorite, with a Greek-style vines, about 1825 Castro Dragonflies Tiaras, about 1900 there are more unusual ways of several top: The Chaumet Ice Frost (Stalactite) Tiara Ice Crown. 1904 for Lu Beiersak Marquis Louis - Caesar done, the Marquis gave it to his daughter to do the wedding gift. Coronet and down a generation, since then heard from. Dolphins Tiara, around 1900. louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store 'Waterfall', in 1904 for the Princess Henckel von Donnersmarck done beautiful Art Deco works. Well, the main grid has been drunk ~ - END - (lady style Adjustment) 'Grid whisper: In fact, ... the main grid more understanding jewelry Oh ~ Style of people are concerned about the taste, there is content, to be a wise woman; not empty, not impetuous, to make a abundance of women, even if life is depleted, but also in the elegant age. , Do have style lady. From the selection of a single product to the ring, everyone has their own unique taste, some girls like the turquoise circular ring; some like the slender gold ring, when you are ecstatic to buy them home, you want Po Internet sharing to your friends to see, but always do not know how to shoot texture? The following 13 kinds of perfect display ring way, so that your photo into a circle of friends the most perfect! Gold, geometric graphics ring gold ring can Be placed in the thick, thin style in the top, the middle finger ring as far as possible On the fine style louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet your fingers will look more slender. In the ring wear philosophy, large pieces of inlaid precious stones ring is usually worn on the Middle finger, and a small gemstone ring is worn on the little finger, the whole up there are symmetrical and mutual embraced the effect of the gem ring is very interesting,. Love Silver Ring All the different styles of small silver ring to create a Bohemian Style, with the shape of criss-cross or silver chain design of the ring, so that the whole details more perfect. To create a personal identity as far as possible the same choice of the same color of the ring, do not let the focus Out of focus, the number of rings should be evenly distributed, it will not appear side effects too weak. Do you want your fingers to look slimmer? There is a very simple way to put all the different styles of different colors of the ring, Set in the same finger, with the other did not wear a ring hand, it seems that there is really elongated effect! Elegant pearl with a ring when the style is very easy to make a mess louis vuitton factory outlet


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